Systems Engineering and Integration...

3U offers the following Systems Engineering and Integration services:

  • Conducting research, analysis and trade studies to define end-to-end system and operational concepts, including system characterization, deployment and operations concepts, including full life-cycle analysis, planning and support.
  • Review and assessment of documentation, deployment plans, operations plans, maintenance plans, test plans, and test dates to assure system-level commitments are achievable and implementations are cost-effective.
  • Establishment of key performance criteria and the evaluation of alternative segment design concepts against those criteria.
  • Identifying effective ways to leverage/reconcile existing designs, planned development and commercial technologies to support projects and programs, including affordability tradeoffs, market research, standardization, technology maturity assessments, acquisition strategies, risk analysis, requirements traceability and verification planning.
  • Development of plans for acquiring equipment and personnel necessary to accomplish field activities, including mobilization, testing, training, operations, and demobilization.

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