Communications Network Development...

3U Technologies was hired to provide technical support for a Private Nationwide communications network. Technical Support includes design, development and sustainment of network components and segments.

Design activities performed by 3U include:

  • Generation and review of engineering documentation; collection of information needed to generate or review engineering documentation.
  • Design activities pertain to both outside plant (fiber cable routes) and inside plant (equipment and cabling inside a terminal site) portions of the program.
  • Technical review of site surveys and reports performed by vendors and other groups to identify areas requiring more detailed review and/or generate requirements for modification of facilities prior to installation.

Development activities performed by 3U include:

  • Site visits to confirm existing facilities and identify requirements for upgrades and/or modifications to existing facilities required prior to installation of network (inside plant) equipment.
  • Organize vendors and/or facilities support groups to perform needed modifications/upgrades required prior to installation of network equipment.
  • Provide review and support during equipment installation and checkout
  • Perform equipment installation where vendors do not provide that service.

Sustainment activities performed by 3U include:

  • Troubleshooting of equipment problems during installation and checkout
  • Review of troubleshooting performed by others.
  • Review of troubleshooting reports
  • Assist with troubleshooting of chronic problem areas