Key Personnel...

3U key personnel are listed below. 3U Technologies specializes in providing highly experienced personnel with proven abilities to think across technical and industry boundaries enabling 3U to provide creative solutions to difficult challenges based on proven technology.

E. Wayne Hughes - President & CEO

beatssolo官网Mr. Hughes has over 30 years experience in various technical and management positions in commercial industry. He founded 3U Technologies in 1998. His technical experience covers a wide range of technologies from aerospace to underwater and includes telerobotics, cable design, systems engineering, submarine cables, underwater vehicles, and deep ocean operations. Mr. Hughes has been instrumental in the start-up and subsequent operations of several successful business ventures operating worldwide.

Charles L. Collins, Jr. - Vice President Projects

Mr. Collins has over 30 years experience in technical and management positions in both government and industry. He joined 3U in 2001. His technical experience includes electronics, underwater vehicles, and a variety of other harsh environment technologies. He has worked around the globe and managed successful teams and projects with budgets exceeding US$100 million.

George H. Seltzer - Vice President Engineering

Mr. Seltzer joined 3U in 1999. He has over 30 years experience in both technical and management positions in government and industry. He has worked in the submarine cable industry and the civil engineering construction industry, as well as many others. He has worked worldwide and successfully managed projects with budgets exceeding US$100 million.

Dave Leary - Senior Program Manager

Mr. Leary joined 3U in January 2008 after completing a 30 year career as a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy. He brings a wide variety of experience and talent including systems engineering, operations planning and analysis, financial management, deep sea diving, and submarine and submersible operations. He has managed complex, state-of-the-art programs with annual budgets greater than US$600M and acquisitions exceeding US$1B.

Donald W. Welch - Senior Program Manager

Mr. Welch has over 25 years experience in technical and management positions in commercial marine and theme park industries. He joined 3U in 2006. His experience covers a broad range of program management, system development, business development and strategic business planning and operations. Mr. Welch has been responsible for the development and operation of several business units and has managed multiple profit centers conducting worldwide operations. He has also led teams in the development of strategic business plans including plans for internal growth as well as acquisition planning and analysis.

Larry Mackey - Senior Project Manager

Mr. Mackey has over 30 years experience in a wide range of technical areas including acoustics, electronics, software development, communications networks, fiber optics, cable design, ocean engineering, marine survey, and many others. He is an experienced project manager, having managed a wide variety of projects in a diverse range of businesses including marine operations and telecommunications networks. Mr. Mackey joined 3U in 2000.

Carl Barrett - Project Manager

beatssolo官网Mr. Barrett Joined 3U in 2003 bringing over 15 years experience from the commercial diving and subsea robotics industry. Mr. Barrett has been instrumental as the technical lead, developing many new subsea robotics systems for both Telecommunications and Oil & Gas customers around the globe. Technical expertise includes both mechanical and electrical, systems and sub-systems. Project experience ranges from the initial conceptual and bid phases, through field operations.

Alex Miller - Project Manager

Mr. Miller has 13 years of technical and management experience in the engineering and marine fields. He joined 3U in 2004. His technical experience covers broad areas of mechanical engineering in underwater vehicles, submarine cable burial, underground drilling, naval architecture, and corrosion prevention. He has successfully completed numerous technical and management roles in projects throughout his career.