Future Technologies...

3U personnel have been instrumental in many industry firsts. We are uniquely qualified to assist Customers with new ventures and new technologies—especially in harsh environments. 3U personnel have worked on the startup of several successful business ventures in a diverse range of business lines. 3U personnel have been instrumental in developing the world’s deepest commercial underwater tools and devices, routinely used at depths as deep as 7500m. 3U personnel developed tools that used water as a hydraulic fluid for cleaning up nuclear waster material. 3U personnel developed new tools and techniques for cheaper, more efficient installation of undersea cables. 3U personnel developed some of the first ever control software to be used to control an autonomous underwater vehicle. 3U personnel developed the interface and many of the tools that have become an API standard for the underwater support of offshore oil & gas fields.

As new requirements emerge, contact 3U Technologies to assist you in developing new technologies and markets.